Uncle Semolina(& friends), makers of Ticky Tacky, Gilgamesh and OT, present their newest work, Peter and the Wolf. This show is inspired by invisible networks, radical social theories of group dynamics, the essays of David Foster Wallace, bad dance steps, and flat pack instruction manuals. A story about a wolf, a wall, a gate and talking animal friends becomes a metaphor for how we are enmeshed within systems bigger than ourselves.

For 1 night only, over 4 hours, in an underground car park, with an audience that comes and goes, 50 performers will tell and re-tell the story of Peter and the Wolf, working from a matrix of stimuli, building and dissolving groups and playing spaces. A tiny, delicate moment between just you and one actor is destroyed by the deafening roar of a crazed crowd.

This show is about systems. Systems of people. Systems of materials, buildings, animals. The way in which all of the elements of this world become organised into systems that influence action, choices and behaviour. We'll be looking at the hidden systems in our lives- how we love them and hate them. Are these systems for our benefit, or do they control us? Do humans even understand our place within these systems?

What we need from you:

The Uncle is going to require at least 50 actors of varying ages and experience to deliver this one-off theatre event. Working in the Collingwood Underground Car Park, you will receive a series of scripts in varying forms - dance steps, words to be spoken, words to be physicalised, images to work in your body, instructions for the group, instructions for the individual, short essays, indecipherable instructions, a massive range of stimuli. It will be your role to interpret these scripts, creating individually and in groups. One minute you might be building a huge wall of milk crates with the entire group, the next minute you might be the only person speaking in an otherwise silent room. Like the record on your children's record player, we will 'play' Peter and the Wolf over and over, again and again, in different forms, and in different systems until time runs out.

How does it work?

You will register your interest with the Uncle via the email link on this page. You will send us your name, your contact details and a brief bio. We will sift through the registrations and pick the 50 most suitable candidates for the show. We will also pick a list of emergency candidates. We will have 2 pre-show workshops to introduce the cast to how the show will work. We will also have a short rehearsal on the night before to introduce the cast to the space, and set the parameters for the work. Then, we will do the show the following night.

(*the workshop requirement may be waived depending on the training and experience of individual actors.)

When: the date of the show is Saturday October 2nd.

Workshop dates: to be confirmed, likely to be 2 Sunday afternoons, late August, early September.

Any further questions email:


Otherwise REGISTER NOW by clicking here, or emailing